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"More than just a game" - Good Monkey is a small indie game developer team and game publisher from Bangkok, Thailand. Our goal is to keep creating creative and quality games for everyone to have fun including 2D, 3D, VR video games on PC and other platforms. Good Monkey is the creator of "Best Friend", "Psycho", "Our Mountain" and more. The team was founded in 2020.

Our Team

Rachata Suksereekul

Project Manager / Game Designer / Lead Engineer

Nateepat Delokluangpong

2D Artist

Somboon Suksereekul

Webmasters / Finance


Our Mountain

Charles, A man who lives peacefully in the countryside. One day he has a serious problem and has to return back to the city that is located on the other side of the valley.


A young man named Eric mysteriously disappeared in the west of the country. It's well-known that this place is cursed. Anyone who enters will never come back.

Best Friend

Dolls are more than just a toy. Every night he will always hear strange noises outside his room. Sometimes that sound is like a person walking in his house.

World Edge (Unavailable)

3D arcade shooting game for mobile. Jump into the battlefield and protect the world.

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